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Enovap Glowing Review by E-Cig Magazine N°21

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Transcription: E-Cig Magazine N°21 September-October-November 2018


We’ve been waiting for months and here it is ! The Enovap, this revolutionary e-cigarette developed in France and manufactured in China by Kangerîech, is now available, and we’ve tested it! – By Alexandre Carneiro

So let’s be frank: Enovap, for a large part of the vaping world, is a bit elusive. It’s been quite a while that vapers have been waiting for it. .. to the point where some were losing hope. Howeve1; the team at the origin of this project kept up their steady efforts to ensure a perfect and not rushed product. We had the good fortune to try out an almost final prototype some days before the commercial version was clone and dusted. After some days of testing, the least that we can say is that the Enovap is certainly the most original e-cigarette we’ve ever tried. While the wait was long, that’s because the Enovap isn’t just an e-cig like the others, but a concentration of technology whose objective is nothing Jess than to revolutionise our manner of vaping by including another layer of technology and artificial intelligence.

What’s Enovap all about?

What would you say to an e-cigarette which would allow you to regulate your nicotine level all day without even having to change the e-liquid? That’s exactly what Enovap is proposing. The principle resides in two tanks, with one holding nicotine liquid and the other being nicotine-free. One the settings have been entered, the device will regulate the level of nicotine delivered in real time, automatically after some days of use or manually if you decide to intervene. Howeve1; this functioning principle is not limited to nicotine. It is actually possible to mix two juices, always in real time, to adapt your vape to your momentary desires. You can, for example, use one tank for a classic tobacco liquid and the for a mint flavour: Over the day, you can peacefully vape your preferred flavour; and when you get a pang for a touch of freshness, all you have to do is blend in a little mint.

Multiple functional modes

The Enovap offers multiple functional modes. The « Hit Control » mode makes it possible to manually regulate your nicotine level by simply entering the desired quantity. With the « intelligent » mode you can also leave the device work on its own. It will learn your vaping habits via algorithms and will be able to propose the ideal levels according to the time of day and your vaping profile. The double tank also allows you to mix flavours using the « Flavour Mix » mode. You can for example put a tobacco flavour in one tank and a

mint flavour to vary your pleasures as the whim takes you. The device will mix the flavours according to your settings.

A connected e-cigarette

Another special feature of the Enovap is the possibility of connecting it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Using your phone, you can recover information on your vaping habits by means of a vaping app which will accompany you and advise you in your tobacco quitting journey. More than just a simple e-cigarette, the Enovap is a real accompanying and supporting tool.


The Enovap is also a free application thanks to which the user is accompanied in the tobacco quitting process.

The Enovap proposes a radically different approach to vaping as we imagine it. The product relies on a scientific approach headed by the Enovap team and the Laboratoire d’Informatique pour la Mécanique et les Sciences de l’Ingénieur [IT lab for Mechanics and Engineering Sciences] (LIMSI) of the CNRS.

Artificial intelligence at the service of vaping

The idea is thus to integrate an intelligent algorithm capable of predicting in real time the most suitable concentration of nicotine for the user according to his profile and the time of day. The very complete application can even take into account small deviations such as the consumption of a conventional cigarette and adapt the behaviour of the Enovap. The Enovap is not just a nicotine distribution system, but a machine capable of adapting to its user to guarantee maximum success for tobacco cessation.

Associating the Enovap to its mobile application is a very simple matter and works just like with any other connected peripheral device.

On a daily basis, the application offers you information and encouraging messages to help you on the road to quitting.

After some days of use, the Enovap starts to completely understand your profile and can provide you with precise info on your consumption. It’s definitely one of the most important functions, as it enables you to understand your habits.





This info can also be useful if you are being assisted by an addiction specialist.

The application takes your nicotine consumption into account through the Enovap, but also will count traditional cigarettes if you cede to temptation now and again.

The companion application is one of the main benefits of the Enovap. Thanks to it you have a detailed view of your consumption, which you can consult in real time. Here are some images of its functioning principles.






– Dimensions: H: 119 mm x L: 47 mm x W: 23mm
– Weight: 208 g (with battery)
– Power: 1 18650 battery
– Capacity: double 2 ml pod
– Airflow: adjustable
– Recharging: USB slot
– Colours available : white, enhanced by coloured covers
– Cornes with: 2 pods, recharging cable, grey cover
– RRP: euros 129 + euros 15.90 per pack of 4 pods

Plus points

– Technological innovation
– Product developed in France
– Bluetooth connectivity
– Monitoring application
– Artificial intelligence

Minus points

Price rather high, but reasonable considering the technological advances


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Joseph Brandes mars 8, 2019 - 3:32

I would like to distribute this fine product in Israel.


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